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Why does my bed always break? | Sam Debatin | Sun 21 Nov 2021 08:27:05 PM EST

I'm frequently greeted at night time by a sagging, lifeless, limp excuse of a mattress. Not that the mattress has anything to do with it, in fact its a solid, well-to-do mattress that has served me well. The problem is the bedframe -- for whatever reason (humidity, wear, old age) the frame bows out at an extraordinary angle. This results in the boards that support my mattress falling through and leaving my mattress with no support at all. Humph.

I really can't find any real cause of this? Like it feels so arbitrary when my bed falls apart, and every time its infuriating. There's something about sitting down to relax on your bed and then having the lower half of it just crack and sink to the ground that really just hurts me deeply. It's too bad because I kinda like the bed frame aesthetically, but it just doesn't seem to serve me very well.

There's no larger message here, I'm just whining.