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Towards blogidarity | Sam Debatin | Thu 18 Nov 2021 11:53:35 AM EST

At the risk of making every post on this website just a little too meta, I've been thinking a lot about the potential of the blog to be much more personally engaging than any other form of social media. I've finally deleted instagram - hopefully for good - and am looking to alternatives. My question, of course, is do I truly need an alternative?? I've thought about just writing off any digital communications, and there are days when it seems like any and all digital media are just inherently flawed and disgusting. There's a part of me though that has more hope than that, and would like to strive towards some kind of reachable ideal. That ideal, in this case, being blogging. It seems like having a website has the potential to be much more fluid and open than regular social media. Yes, there's no comment system - yes, there's no sharing beyond copy-pasting links, but that's the fun of it! We have become so used interacting socially on these platforms in such a mitigated way that there is no longer room for personal expression. Instagram might be cleaner than my website, but where's the character? Where are the half-broken links, the text posts, the stupid embedded gifs? Running a little website is like decorating your room. Return to teenagehood and cover your space in tacky posters! Or don't, I don't care - maybe you want a tidy little space with nothing in it.

Dramatic declarations aside, there's also something much more intimate and real about a slowly evolving, largely text-based webpage. We like to think of the web as being fast, and it's true, internet speeds are stupid fast these days. Save for some of our more rural regions, gone are the days of dial-up burps and hiccups clattering through the living room. And yet, as fast as your internet might be, the content of a webpage is only as fast as the person updating it. I can choose to write regularly - weekly, or even daily - or else I can choose to ruminate, and let the page build gradually into a hyperlinked map of my thoughts over time.

As of this writing, I know two other people who are interested in blogging. As my crusade gathers steam (as it surely will -- who wouldn't want to blog?!), I will continue to update that list on my homepage. Also, if anybody has any ideas about what to put on a homepage, let me know. Maybe I need more pictures? More to come.