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First post! | Sam Debatin | Jan 1 2020

This is the first real blog post that I am creating. It is blog post number 00001. It is part of a very simple (but also probably ultimately clunky) blog content management system I'm working on. Every post is tagged with a title, author, and date, as well as its post number (which is its filename). I then can run a bash script that goes through my ./posts directory in reverse order and adds them to a larger php file while adding a little bit more formatting.

Not a perfect system by far, but elegant in its own way. It avoids MySql and keeps editing posts simple. My only concern is that it will slow down when I get a larger number of posts, but we'll see. This is largely text posts anyway, so it can't be that slow.

By the way, did you know if you click post title (which is a link) it will take you to a permalinked version of the post? That way you can send these lame posts to all your friends! Also that might be a lie, still working on getting that to work.