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About my blog

About my blog

If you are here, you know I have no comment system. Why, you might ask? I find that comment systems typically devolve into promoting arguments that are not worth having. Sure, disagreement is normal and healthy, but comment sections are usually the worst of the worst. My email is listed in many places around this site, and for your convenience I will list it below. If I find your comment to be a worthwhile part of the discussion (and I most certainly will, given that nobody reads this blog anyway), I will post it as part of the blog post itself, forever immortalized. This slows down the discussion considerably, and prevents people from simply firing back and forth without thinking. If you have to actually send me an email, you will have to be very annoyed to say anything truly nasty. And if you do, I won't post it! Authoritarian? Yes. Functional? Most certainly.

With that out of the way, I there are a couple other idiosyncratic elements that I wanted to bring up. You might have noticed that there is no index of all my blog posts -- if you want to find something, you simply have to scroll. This may become an issue at some point, but text loads so fast these days that I have very little doubt that it will be fine. Ctr-F is your friend, simply search for the correct keyword. In part this is a pratical issue, my self-cobbled blogging system is not that advanced and so it is what it is. It's also designed however to force you to slog through some stuff. I'm a fan of slogging, and I think it yields more interesting results than being able to quickly index something. Think of my blog a little bit like a book. When you search for a keyword, you'll be directed to all the other posts where I spoke of similar things, and maybe you'll find something else you might be interested in. Not that anything here is all that interesting...

I do, however, have a way of permalinking the posts. Each post title is a link to the post itself with all its related content. Feel free to use this as a way to share posts with your friends! Each post has a unique ID between 00000 and 99999. If I ever run out of ID numbers I have written too much anyway.

I will never delete a post, even if I say something I later disagree with ro regret. It's important to me to stand by what you write.

Please contact me at blog@samdebatin.com