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Though by no means an avid writer, I do enjoy the process of writing and journaling. This website is a reflection of my desire to put information out in the world for others to see. It comes from a place of sharing -- ultimately, I want my writing to be matched by an equal or more amount of reading. This is a place where I can put together my thoughts in ways that make sense to me, and organise and curate them according to the context I would like them to be seen through.

As for my own life, I was born in Berlin, Germany but mostly raised in Athens, Ohio. I'm always drawn to the bizarre, janky, and idosyncratic in this world more, but also have a deep appreciation for those who do things traditionally and with sincerety. Finding the balance between beauty and comedy is a lifelong goal of mine, and although very few can actually do it (looking at you, Shakespeare and country singers), it's an ideal we can all strive for, no?

My more material interests include music, music recording, stories, movies, architecture, reading, technology (although this is a shaky relationship), thinking (another shaky relationship), sitting quietly, tennis, speaking excitedly, Our Modern World, and learning. Now doesn't that sound lame? Expect to find writings on the "intersections" of all of these.

For obvious reasons, the blog section of this website is going to be the most active. I will do my best to keep the project pages updated, but those are 1. harder to create from a web-design perspective and 2. require that more thought and effort be put into their creation. There's no hard line for me as to what consitutes a project vs what warrents a simple blog post, so expect my personal time to dictate that more than anything. Don't be surprised if an alarming number of blog posts are timestamped past midnight... In any case, keep checking back! I have made a commitment to keeping this site updated and active now that it is running on more solid ground, so expect frequent and uncontrollable growth.

This website uses Bodoni MT font because it looks nice and serifs rock.


If for whatever reason you feel the need to contact me, you can email me at sam@samdebatin.com. To report a problem with the page, email help@samdebatin.com. I'm on Instagram@nedned_ned (although hardly), Discord@samnotdeb, and Github too.

I also run a minecraft server or two -- email me if you'd like to be included! Access instructions will be sent your way pending verification that you are not a jerk or a robot or both.